At this time, motion is moving forward to incorporate The Skye's The Limit Foundation in Honor of Skye Gina Pilato as a Nonprofit organization.

There is a great need for resources in building resiliency in our youth who live with trauma in their lives. There is also a great need for teachers, school administrators, and families to understand what trauma is and how it can abrupt responsible behavior. When unattended or not treated properly or regularly, adverse childhood experience is predicted to lead to a high risk for an individual to die (from various causes) 20 years earlier than expected. (The last statement is supported by a study from The Kaiser Permanente Department of Preventive Medicine and The Center for Disease Control and Prevention.)

is to provide Trauma Informed care, education and enrichment activities for youth at risk, teachers, school administrators, community members, families and people experiencing grief in their lives. Activities will include Trauma Informed Care workshops and seminars, Art Projects and Mentorship Opportunities, Outdoor adventures and explorations, and Self-Healing initiatives and retreats.

In addition, as a way to fulfill Skye’s hopes and dreams to become a nurse and to help others, The Skye’s The Limit Foundation hopes to provide scholarships for Nursing School.

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In Honor of Skye Gina Pilato

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